From laser hair removal to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, our laser and light-based procedures offer amazing results at an affordable price.

Lasers are devices that emit a high intensity, specific wavelength of light that can penetrate into the skin and affect a certain target without damaging the surrounding skin and soft tissue. There are many different lasers available today to treat a variety of skin conditions.


At United Dermatology Associates, we have lasers that may address the following concerns:

  • Hyperpigmentation/Discoloration/Melasma
  • Aging Skin/Sun spots/Fine Lines
  • Sun spots
  • Hair Removal
  • Pores
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Vein and Broken Blood Vessel Treatment
  • Acne & General Scars
  • Hair Restoration
  • Cellulite/Stretch Marks
  • Precancerous Growths

Dark patches on the face can be small freckle-like lesions or larger areas of discoloration. These skin changes are usually caused by sun exposure over time and sometimes affected by hormones, pregnancy, medications, and other medical conditions. The treatment of discoloration is always combination therapy. The first step is medical grade skin care that includes a broad-spectrum mineral-based sunscreen that protects against UV radiation and visible light and some type of skin brightening, collagen promoting ingredient. The premise of skin care is to protect from the sun, to promote cell turnover to help the hyperpigmentation gradually break apart and exfoliate off the skin, and to train the melanocytes in the skin not to overproduce melanin. Once an effective skin care regimen has been implemented, in office procedures can enhance results. These procedures must be carefully thought out based on the individual’s skin type and condition. We have a variety of lasers that address hyperpigmentation in different ways, and the skin care specialists at UDA will assess your skin and recommend the safest, most effective regimen for your issues. Not every skin type is appropriate for laser treatments, and some skin conditions like melasma have a risk for rebound hyperpigmentation if the laser treatment is not administered appropriately. Our lasers that address hyperpigmentation include:

  • Cutera Excel V/Laser Genesis
  • Cutera Enlighten/PICO Genesis
  • Clear and Brilliant
  • Lumenis AcuPulse–fractionated CO2
  • Palomar Icon–IPL

As the skin ages, and the effects of the sun, pollution, and time take effect, the skin becomes blotchy with red and brown discoloration and starts to show fine lines, and laxity (ie crepey skin). The treatments for aging skin depend on the severity and issues present, and multiple treatment modalities are generally necessary for best results. The cosmetic team at United Dermatology Associates will assess your skin, prioritize your issues, and help to formulate a treatment regimen that fits your needs and budget. We typically address the skin tone with lasers that target red and brown discoloration first.

  • Cutera Excel V/Laser Genesis
  • Cutera Enlighten/PICO Genesis
  • Palomar Icon–IPL

Once the skin tone is improved, we can do treatments that address skin texture and laxity. The Laser Genesis and PICO Genesis have collagen stimulating properties. For severe wrinkles and sun damage in the appropriate skin type, we have our resurfacing laser, Acupulse CO2.
In addition to laser treatments, the UDA team may discuss microneedling, radiofrequency, collagen-stimulating fillers, and PRP treatments to enhance your results.

Laser hair removal may seem like such a simple commodity with treatments that may be performed anywhere–malls, medspas, and laser facilities. However, our laser hair removal device at UDA is state of the art and one of the best in class. A good analogy would be thinking about a general, dependable older car versus a new sports car. The slow, dependable car may get you to your destination just fine, but it may take you longer because it is not high powered or fast. Our Lumenis Splendor X is like a high-powered sports car of laser hair removal devices. It is fast, powerful, safe, and effective. It has dual wavelengths so that the treatment can be customized to all skin types (not all lasers are safe on darker skin, but this laser can be used on any skin type very safely). If is also fast and powerful. A full back can be treated in under five minutes. Additionally, it has contact cooling, so that the treatments are not painful. Fast, powerful, painless, safe, effective . . . Everything that you need and want for laser hair removal treatments.

Large pores are oftentimes genetic, and this can be a very challenging condition to treat. Patients must be educated that with a tendency to form larger pores, the treatment is ongoing and lifelong. Minimizing the appearance of pores is accomplished through treatment modalities that effectively cleanse and purge clogged pores, skin care that promotes consistent exfoliation and unclogging of pores, and collagen-stimulating procedures that promote skin tightening and pore reduction. Dr. Hoang and her cosmetic team will help to customize your skin care routine. We recommend regular facials and extractions, and periodic collagen-stimulating treatments that promote skin tightening. The lasers/devices that are suitable for pore reduction include:

  • Excel V/Laser Genesis
  • Enlighten/PICO Genesis
  • Clear & Brilliant
  • Legend Pro (microneedling + radiofrequency)
  • SkinPen
  • AcuPulse CO2

Our Cutera Enlighten is a premier solution for laser tattoo removal. It has PICO second technology that breaks up tattoo pigment without disrupting surrounding tissue, and three unique laser wavelengths to address all ink colors and particle sizes in fewer treatment sessions.

Spider veins are dilated capillaries on the lower extremities. Most of the time, individuals develop these because of genetic tendency. But they can also be brought on by pregnancy and weight gain. Telangiectasias, angiomas, and port wine stains are other blood vessel issues that may show up because of sun damage, normal aging, and skin conditions such as rosacea. Our Excel V laser is an award-winning platform that incorporates two proven wavelengths (532 nm and 1064 nm) to address superficial and deep vascular lesions effectively and safely. The Laser Genesis treatment can also improve general ruddiness that can be seen from rosacea or long-term sun damage.

Scars can produce different changes on the skin. Some scarring is flat and discolored. These discolorations may be addressed with a combination of topical creams and in office procedures, such as lasers that affect brown and red discoloration.

  • Excel V/Laser Genesis
  • Enlighten/ PICO Genesis
  • Palomar Icon
  • Clear & Brilliant

Some scars produce textural changes in the skin–pits, craters, and textural irregularities.  These kinds of scars require treatments that stimulate collagen to renew and regenerate dermal tissue. These are treatments done over time in combination with collagen stimulating creams.  Laser treatments at UDA that can induce collagen growth include:

  • Excel V/Laser Genesis
  • Enlighten/PICO Genesis
  • Clear & Brilliant
  • Legend Pro
  • AcuPulse CO2

At UDA we are also able to treat keloid and hypertrophic scars.  These scars are usually elevated, firm, and either red or hyperpigmented compared to normal skin tone.  Keloids may form from any type of injury to the skin.  These scars are a cosmetic concern, but they frequently cause discomfort like itching and tenderness.  For mild keloid scars, simple steroid injections may work very well.  For more severe keloid scars, the UDA team may employ lasers and microneedling to improve color and texture.  In very severe cases that are beyond noninvasive treatments, we also offer removal with adjunctive superficial radiation.  This is a safe, proven method to remove keloid scars with less risk for recurrence.

  • Low Level Laser Therapy: This is a technology that has been proven to stimulate cellular activity and blood circulation. At UDA we offer these treatments in combination with topical therapies to improve hair loss due to aging and genetics. Multiple treatments are done over time. The topical therapies help to clear the skin of oil and dead skin cells, so that topical DHT blockers may be applied and may penetrate deep enough to bind to receptors on the hair follicles thereby preventing further hair loss.
  • Keralase Treatment: Keralase is a non-invasive therapy involving laser scalp pre-conditioning and a subsequent scalp massage using Kerafactor Serum. This serum penetrates deeply into the skin through temporarily created laser channels, aiding in the stimulation of hair regrowth. The treatment typically lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and requires minimal recovery time.

These conditions plague women and require a multimodality treatment for noticeable results. At UDA we have a variety of options that may improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Legend Pro is a microneedling device that also delivers radiofrequency energy into the deeper levels of the skin. The combination of needling with heating of the deeper collagen layers result in enhanced collagen production. This can be done over time to improve skin texture and tone. Dr. Hoang also uses collagen stimulating fillers, like Sculptra in very dilute concentrations to promote collagen and skin tightening.

Photodynamic therapy is an FDA approved treatment for precancerous growths from sun damage (actinic keratosis). During the treatment, a topical medication is applied to the skin, and this solution preferentially binds to the damaged cells. The treated area is exposed to either blue or red light, which activates the medication, thereby causing a reaction with the damaged skin cells that results in gradual sloughing and peeling of the precancerous growths over 1-2 weeks. This treatment is usually repeated in 6 weeks for best results. Patients are restricted from any significant sun exposure for 2 days post therapy.


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