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#sunscreen application before our bike ride. Guys, this is how easy it is to apply sunscreen. I’ve taught my husband well. He does this everyday, and he has #beautifulskin at age 44. This is #colorscience translucent mineral powder sunscreen. It’s super easy to use and convenient to carry around. Fits in pockets and purses. There’s no greasy feel, it doesn’t make the skin oily and it’s SPF 50. It is not makeup either. Completely sheer. ... See MoreSee Less

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#emsculpt results. We’ve had our machine for about a month. It takes 2 weeks to complete the 4 treatments, so we are starting to see our first round of patients back. This is a before and after right at the end of his treatments, only 2 week timeframe in between.🙌. This patient was very pleased to say the least. He was already in shape. He also is a fitness/nutrition person and understands how to work out and eat to lean up. He’s competed in physique competitions before. He felt that this type of result usually takes about 6 weeks of strict nutrition and cardio for him based on his past experience. For him to achieve this in 2 weeks after emsculpt was incredible. He really wanted this for an upcoming trip to the beach. Bottom line: this technology works. We have seen consistent results in our patients. This one is very impressive because he started from a good baseline and was already on a fitness/nutrition regimen which just enhances the result! And the best part...this transformation happened while he was lying comfortably on our procedure chair. 🙌🙌
#itworks #bodysculpt #bodygoals #muscle #leanphysique #dermatology #dermatologist #losefat #noninvasivetreatment #gainmuscle #tone #bodytoning @ United Dermatology Associates
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Emsculpt does not only target the abdominal muscles and legs but it also targets the arms! Want to have toned and beautiful arms without sweating a day in the gym? Schedule your appointment now! ... See MoreSee Less

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