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Welcome to United Dermatology Associates where we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of dermatological care. We welcome new patients of all ages and skin colors with conditions of the skin, hair, and nails. We treat all skin problems and diseases through a comprehensive and personalized approach.

An excellent student at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Dr. Hoang went on to graduate summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin. She completed medical school at Baylor College of Medicine, with an internship in Internal Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas and a residency in Dermatology at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

uda5Dr. Jeannine Hoang established Mansfield Dermatology in 2007 with a deep commitment to give every patient the very best care possible. “I have always wanted to make a difference. I chose the medical profession because I wanted to help people and positively impact others’ lives,”

“I have always been driven to work hard and be the best that I can possibly be. I view my success as who I am, what I stand for, and what kind of contribution I have made to others.”

With a very strong team of dermatology practitioners, as well as a management team that is dedicated to Dr. Hoang’s mission and vision, Mansfield Dermatology has expanded to serve more communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  With Dr. Hoang’s commitment to individualized care and patient education garnered a growing patient base, and the need to add additional locations.  In 2014 Dr. Hoang expanded her services to the Burleson and Flower Mound area under the name United Dermatology Associates.  In 2015 Mansfield Dermatology also took on the assumed name of United Dermatology Associates (UDA).

“Although we are ever expanding, growing, and changing, our fundamental values and goals are still the same. We are all here to serve our patients and to provide outstanding dermatologic care and premier customer service,” said Dr. Hoang.

Just as the practice has evolved and expanded, so has the menu of services at UDA.  Dr. Hoang has developed a special interest in Functional and Integrative Medicine, which focuses on anti-aging and preventative healthcare.

I’m intrigued by the field of preventive medicine and anti-aging and actively learning about proactive approaches to maintain health and function through healthy lifestyle habits,”

Dr. Hoang believes skin conditions are often a bellwether of problems elsewhere in the body, and often integrates other aspects of healthcare, fitness, and nutrition in her treatment plans for her medical dermatology patients.

I’ve found that I cannot treat the skin effectively without looking at the overall health of the person,” says Dr. Hoang.

screen-shot-2012-12-06-at-8-41-43-amDr. Hoang has put together an amazing team that shares this vision and philosophy.  Dr. Hoang oversees all of the UDA facilities and has assembled a talented group of providers who help to carry out this vision of preventative and proactive medicine—Lisa Moody, PA-C, Allison Wilbanks, PA-C, Uyen Mimi Phan, PA-C, Paige Herlihy, PA-C, Brian Cook, PA-C, Tiffany Bivens, PA-C, and Kyla Crispe, PA-C.  Each of these providers have been personally trained by Dr. Hoang and practice with a like-minded philosophy—always striving for excellence in service, clinical acumen, and delivering superior results.

“When the body is healthy and balanced, through proper nutrition, fitness, and hormonal health, it will show through healthy, radiant skin.  I don’t want to practice ‘reactive medicine’ anymore but preventative, proactive medicine, empowering my patients to care for their skin in order to prevent disease, cancer and aging.”

Click here to view a video interview with Dr. Jeannine Hoang discussing skin cancer prevention.

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Dr. Jeannine Hoang removes a large cyst from a patient’s back. See how Dr. Hoang removes the puss, extracts the sac, and stitches the patient up with deep and superficial stitches.

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Give your face an extra lift⬆️ this summer with our HydraFace-LIFT🧖‍♀️ event in Burleson with Kyla Crispe, PA-C and Myreisha Greenidge! A HydraFacial is the perfect way to revamp your complexion, add a little filler and you’ll be stepping out this summer as a new and improved you! 🌴☀️

To save your spot and all other inquiries call our Burleson office, 📞 817-529-1753!
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If use Dysport, Restylane, or Sculptura you could be saving BIG🤑, when you become an ASPIRE Galderma Rewards Member. When you enroll you can save up to $60💸💸 on your first qualifying treatment, and every time you use another Galderma product you’ll acquire points that you can redeem for valuable discounts on their family of brands. Best of all it costs ZERO 🙅‍♀️ to sign up. You can even acquire points by answering a few questions about you!

Start getting the most out of your treatments today by joining at: www.aspirerewards.com/register
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ATTENTION🚨🚨!! From 5/26-5/28 when you purchase $225 worth of Alastin products you’ll also receive a FREE #Alastin Restorative Neck Complexion with #TriHex Technology😱! To shop our #Alastin products visit our 💻online store: unitedderm.com/store! You can also call to place your orders at 📞 817-539-0959 ... See MoreSee Less

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Our Skincare specialist, Jenn, let’s you in on her nighttime routine. Jenn is in her 30s and has combination skin. She’s decided to be proactive about wrinkles and fine lines so she uses the ZO Wrinkle & Texture retinol. All the products used at available at our offices.

See a product you want to try? Call our office at 817-539-0959
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A morning routine great for those with dry skin and prone to breakouts!

All products used can be purchase from our office! Shop now! We are still offering 20% off all products!
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Now that’s a #perfectpout 👄💕 Mimi Phan PA-C, is an absolute artist with a syringe!! To schedule an appointment with Mimi call our Arlington office, 📞 817-261-1122 ... See MoreSee Less

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Since the return of elective procedures, Mimi Phan PA-C, has hit the ground running! She on a roll! Mimi’s approach is so unique and precise Dr. Hoang is even a patient. Here’s how Mimi describes her approach with her patients as well as Dr. Hoang:

My aesthetic goal is to preserve natural beauty, address asymmetry and restore structure without changing beautiful features.

My gorgeous patient, @dr.jeanninehoang is the epitome of beauty and aesthetic goal. She is committed to a healthy lifestyle and has access to premier medical grade skin care, however, her biggest beauty secret as she’s stated is Sculptra Aesthetic. Throughout the years, I have preserved her natural beauty with a series of Sculptra treatments. These photos show her before and three months after I treated her with two vials of Sculptra. I injected the product on her temples to soften the subtle hollowness, on the left lower cheek to build volume, to the pre-auricular regions to lift and tighten the mid-face and lastly on the jawline to restore bony structure. In the after photo, you can see a global softening of her cheeks, temples and a more balanced mid to lower face proportion.

Sculptra Aesthetic is unlike any other injectable currently on the market. It has the ability to activate the body’s own natural collagen production. Through a series of treatments, Sculptra will gradually build volume and restore youthful appearance to the face.

Please send me a DM for serious inquiries or contact my office to see me in our Arlington location.
☎️ (817) 261- 1122

This is my actual patient. Images are shared with patient consent. The content of this page is for educational and informational purposes and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please do not use or distribute images herein without written permission. 💎💎 💎
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